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Ways You Can Consume Your Medical Cannabis


Oils are to be ingested only. They can be taken alone, directly into your mouth (under your tongue) with a syringe or mixed with food. The ingested doses of oil takes approximately 2-4 hours to reach peak therapeutic effects and usually lasts approximately 6-12 hours. Cooking or vaping with your medical cannabis oil is not recommended. High temperatures can tamper with the cannabinoid molecular structures and may possibly deactivate the therapeutic component of cannabis.

Dry Cannabis – or “Bud”

Health Canada and O Cannabis Clinic recommends that dried medical cannabis be administered by vaporization. A dose of dry cannabis takes approximately 5 minutes to reach peak therapeutic effects and usually lasts approximately 2-4 hours.

Vaporizing vs. Smoking

Research has shown that vaporization can be up to 78% more effective than smoking. By using a vaporizer you are able to use less cannabis as you get more medicine out of the plant, which will save you money in the long-term. Additionally, vaporization produces approximately 95% fewer carcinogens and is less likely to irritate the upper respiratory tract.

Tips to Successfully Vape:

Vaporizer Temperature:

The optimal temperature for high THC cannabis is reported to be approximately 390-400F (200-205C). High CBD cannabis is reported to be most efficiently administered at approximately 400-410F (205-210C). According to Dr. Arno Hazekamp, 210C is the best balance between efficient vaporization of cannabinoids, terpenes, and smoothness of vapor.

For information on how to change the temperature settings on your vaporizer, Google the brand you have.

Indicators Of Fully Vaporized Dry Cannabis:

This can be detected from the plants color and taste. The color changes from green to brown/dark brown, and the vapor begins to taste and smell similar to burnt popcorn.

Dosing My Medicine (part 1)

Your Nurse Practitioner will decide the total amount of medical cannabis you will be able to use each day (i.e. 3g/day).

NOTE: We always recommend to patients to find the lowest, most effective dose. The grams per day that you have been authorized for is a “ceiling” and is the absolute maximum amount you can consume in a day. Most patients take significantly less than the amount they are authorized for.

It is NOT recommended to consume the entirety of the prescription at one time. In order to get a continuous pain relief, it is recommended that the daily dose be divided into smaller separate doses that are taken periodically throughout the day. A major advantage of this medication is that you have more control over when and how much medication to self-administer. The dosing schedule can be matched to fit your unique lifestyle. We encourage you to determine a dosing schedule that works best for you, in order to maximize your symptom relief.

Speak to your Nurse Educator for more information to help find the right dosing schedule for you.

If you feel you require changes to your medication, please consult with your O Cannabis Clinic treating nurse practitioner.

Compassionate Needs

Some patients do not have the financial means to be able to pay for their medicine. Most Licensed Producers offer financial assistance programs or “compassionate pricing” which helps low income and government assisted patients to receive discounts on their medical cannabis prescription. LPs that offer this benefit have different criteria that patients need to meet in order to qualify. Ask your Nurse Educator for more information.

How to order your medicine

The O Cannabis Clinic team will send your medical document (prescription) directly to your Licensed Producer (LP).

It typically takes the LP anywhere from 1-10 business days to process your application. They will contact you directly to let you know that your registration has been approved and you are now able to order.

If your insurance is not covering your medicine, you’ll be required to pay for your medical cannabis using a credit card, or prepaid card (in some cases Visa-debit) online or over the phone. The LPs are not permitted to accept any other forms of payment (i.e. debit card, cash, check, money order, direct deposit).

Once the payment has been processed, the LP will let you know the date the product will be shipped and it should arrive by courier within 24-48 hours. Someone must be home to sign for the package; otherwise the courier will leave a notice to inform you where you can pick up the package in person.

How much can I order each month?

According to Health Canada, you are only allowed to place an order for 30 days worth of your prescription. That being said, you are always in control of how much of your prescription you fill – whether it’s your full 30 days at once or in increments throughout the month – it is up to you.

It is also important to note that the monthly allowance resets every month. This means that your prescription DOES NOT carry over to the next month, even if you have not ordered your full allowance of medicine. For example you may be prescribed 3 grams per day, which equals 90 grams per month. If you ordered 40g (50g remaining), your limit will reset to 90 grams on the next month’s cycle.

Your monthly dosage begins on the day your medical document was signed and resets on that date. For example: if your medical document was signed on August 18, your 30 day window resets on the 18th of every month moving forward.

Carrying My Medicine With Me

Your license for medical cannabis possession is on each bottle of cannabis. If you leave your house with your prescription, it should always be carried in the original bottle.

The license on the bottle has an expiration date, which means that it will become illegal to carry the cannabis following the date, unless you have a new prescription from your doctor or nurse practitioner.

YOU DO NOT NEED A CARD TO BE LICENSED. Your medication bottle and your receipt of purchase is all you need to keep with you to demonstrate that your cannabis is your medicine.

Licensed Producers Vs. Dispensaries

Advantages of buying medical cannabis from a LP and not a dispensary:

– Prices for medical cannabis vary from $2.50-$15.00
– Rigorous quality control and testing, for standardization and therapeutic effectiveness, guaranteeing the same medicinal benefits of every time you order.
– Expedited and tracked shipping; ships next day ordered before 1 PM on the previous day
– Patients are legally allowed to possess cannabis
– Discounts with compassionate pricing programs – if eligible
– You can travel within Canada carrying your prescription
– Lower THC strains available to reduce psychoactive effects
– High CBD strains for pain and inflammation relief
– Potential for coverage if you are a Veteran, First Responder, and/or Medical Health Professional (as per Bill 163)
– Child-safe containers
– Order is placed online or by telephone
– All LPs are regulated by Health Canada, with the ability to recall and refund (if issues arise)

O Cannabis Clinic has nurse practitioners who are qualified to prescribe medical cannabis. We send your registration and medical document through our secure fax directly to the Licensed Producer. The LP can be viewed as a ‘pharmacy’ of medical cannabis; they are authorized and licensed to produce and distribute medical cannabis under the marijuana for medical purposes regulations (MMPR).

Will I Receive a Copy of my “Prescription” or Medical Document?

No. We have sent your medical document to your licensed producer. Your "license" to prove you are medically authorized to possess medical cannabis is on each bottle of your medical cannabis, just like on a prescription bottle. If you leave your house with your medicine, it should always be carried in the original bottle.

NOTE: The licence on your bottle has an expiration date. This means that it will become illegal to carry your cannabis following that date- unless you have a new medical document from your nurse practitioner.  To avoid gaps, please book your follow up consultation well before your license expiration date.