Your initial phone consultation is free. If the consultation indicates that you are a candidate for medical cannabis you will then be able to make an appointment with one of our nurse practitioner. Please note that nurse practitioner visits are not covered by provincial or territorial health plans. They may, however, be covered by your insurance plan.


Orientation, Medical Visits, Complete Set Up & Follow-Up for 24 Months  $299+tax

What’s included:

  • Initial orientation with a member of our O Cannabis team
  • 3 medical visits with nurse practitioner
  • Appointment with a Cannabis Care Coordinator to ensure complete set-up and registration with Health Canada approved licensed provider of medical cannabis 
  • Ensure you are both comfortable and understand the 4 basic elements of medical cannabis treatment:
    • delivery system
    • types of medicine
    • how they may affect you and
    • how to ensure you get the most out of your medicine
  • Unlimited access for 24 months to our healthcare team through our simple O Cannabis messaging portal
  • Robust medical marijuana follow-up program, to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way 
  • O Cannabis journal supplied and explained to track your treatment progress
  • A card authorizing your right to possess, use and travel (within Canada) 

No Shows & Cancellations Less Than 24 Hours Notice

Appointment with nurse practitioner: $44.25 +tax = $50