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Dosing My Medicine (part 1)

Your Nurse Practitioner will decide the total amount of medical cannabis you will be able to use each day (i.e. 3g/day).

NOTE: We always recommend to patients to find the lowest, most effective dose. The grams per day that you have been authorized for is a “ceiling” and is the absolute maximum amount you can consume in a day. Most patients take significantly less than the amount they are authorized for.

It is NOT recommended to consume the entirety of the prescription at one time. In order to get a continuous pain relief, it is recommended that the daily dose be divided into smaller separate doses that are taken periodically throughout the day. A major advantage of this medication is that you have more control over when and how much medication to self-administer. The dosing schedule can be matched to fit your unique lifestyle. We encourage you to determine a dosing schedule that works best for you, in order to maximize your symptom relief.

Speak to your Nurse Educator for more information to help find the right dosing schedule for you.

If you feel you require changes to your medication, please consult with your O Cannabis Clinic treating nurse practitioner.