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How much can I order each month?

According to Health Canada, you are only allowed to place an order for 30 days worth of your prescription. That being said, you are always in control of how much of your prescription you fill – whether it’s your full 30 days at once or in increments throughout the month – it is up to you.

It is also important to note that the monthly allowance resets every month. This means that your prescription DOES NOT carry over to the next month, even if you have not ordered your full allowance of medicine. For example you may be prescribed 3 grams per day, which equals 90 grams per month. If you ordered 40g (50g remaining), your limit will reset to 90 grams on the next month’s cycle.

Your monthly dosage begins on the day your medical document was signed and resets on that date. For example: if your medical document was signed on August 18, your 30 day window resets on the 18th of every month moving forward.