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How do I know how many grams per day I was authorized for?

To find out how many grams per day you were authorized for and how many grams per month you are able to order from your Licensed Producer (LP), look in your client profile on your LP’s secure site (where you order your medicine).

Your LP is very good at keeping you updated with how many grams you can order for the remaining of the month and also let you know when your 30 day allotment has renewed.

For example:
If you were authorized for 3 grams per day.
That means you have access to 90 grams per month.
If your medical document was signed on January 4, 2018 – on the 4th of each month, your monthly 90 grams will be “topped up,: which means you are now able to order up to 90 grams in this “new month” again.