Frequently Asked Questions For Physicians


  • Why Refer My Patients To O Cannabis?
  1. We approach medical cannabis conservatively, and will assess the appropriate strain and dose based on their personal health needs.
  2. We provide ongoing communication with the referring physician, while we manage the medical cannabis treatment.
  3. We are committed to helping your patients understand their new medicine. We provide extensive education and support for all of our patients.
  • How Do I Refer My Patients?

Simply complete the Referral Form. The referral should be faxed to the number provided on the form and the patient will be contacted directly.

  • How Much Will My Patient Have To Pay For An Appointment?

Your patient’s phone consultation is free and the appointment with the nurse practitioner and education team is listed on our fees page. Our services are not covered by OHIP (or provincial/territorial health plans), so your patient will have to pay out of pocket. Please note that our fees do count as "medical expenses" on your patient's tax return.

  • What Kind Of Education Will O Cannabis Provide My Patients?

O Cannabis Clinic team offers ongoing education and support for all of our patients. This will include information regarding safe and effective administration, legal aspects of medical cannabis, and how cannabinoids work. We also have a secure patient portal where our patients can communicate with our health team directly at any time during their medical cannabis treatment.

  • What is the process?

STEP 1: Patient Books Appointment

Once our office receives the completed referral documents with supporting medical files we will contact your patient and book their appointment. They will then receive a confirmation email with a link to fill out a health profile questionnaire in advance of their appointment. (Our team is available to assist any patient unable to fill out his or her own health profile questionnaire).

STEP 2: Appointment With Medical Cannabis Nurse Practitioner

Once your patient has completed their health profile questionnaire they will attend the appointment either in person (home visit or in-clinic visit) or online via telemedicine. After the consultation, the authorizing nurse practitioner will provide a medical cannabis prescription if your patient is a candidate. You will receive an update from our nurse practitioners with the results of the consultation.

STEP 3: Educator Meets With Patient

Our O Cannabis Educators are patient advocates and their job is to ensure your patient has a positive experience when accessing medical cannabis. The educator will contact your patient and review his or her medical prescription with the intention of helping them register with the best Health Canada approved medical cannabis provider for their needs. Whenever possible, the educator will advocate for your patients to ensure they are getting the best medicine for the best price. The educator will also help your patient place their first order.

Your patient will receive their medicine at home via Canada Post.

STEP 4: Follow-Up & Monitoring

Our team of nurses closely monitors all of our patients. If your patient has questions or concerns our team is available via phone or secure patient portal. Our aim is to be industry leaders in the delivery of strong and consistent follow-up care for your patients to provide both you and them with peace of mind while accessing this alternative medicine. You will receive periodic updates of all activities for your patients.