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I Have Registered With My LP But Haven’t Heard Back Yet. What’s Going On?

Depending on which Licensed Producer you have chosen to buy your medicine from, it can take up to 2 weeks after your consultation with our clinical team before you can start ordering your medicine.

Please call your Licensed Producer to check on the status of your application. Their phone number can be found in your Medical Cannabis Guide that was sent to you by your Nurse Educator after your consultation.

When Will I Be Getting My “Green Card”?


Many Licensed Producers do not provide cards because in Canada, a “card” is not a legal document. Your medication bottle and your receipt of purchase is all you need to keep with you to demonstrate that your cannabis is your medication. 

NOTE: Many dispensaries provide “green cards”. These are not medically relevant documents.

Can I Take my Medicine at Work?

It is your human right to have access and the ability to take your medicine. 

An employee who is a medical cannabis patient is has a responsibility to avoid being impaired at work. Some patients choose to engage in candid conversations with their employers to discuss the specific parameters their employer and the employee can agree on regarding the safe use of medical cannabis at work.

An employee has a duty to ensure they are using their medicine responsibly and an employer has a duty to accommodate their employees who have been prescribed medication with impairment-causing effects (such as medical cannabis; specifically THC).

Being proactive and consulting with your employer to discuss workplaces specific rules, regulations and policies is recommended. Many of our patients have discussed medical cannabis with their workplace HR departments and ended up getting their medical cannabis covered by their extended health plan!

NOTE: we do not provide workplace letters or notes for patients at this time due to this medicine being "self-titration" and we can't monitor what strains a patient chooses to use.

I’ve Been Authorized for 3 grams/day, Now What?

This is a common question! Your authorization for 3 grams/day is the maximum you can consume per day. The 3 grams is a "ceiling" and should only be used as needed. It is not recommended to consume your entire daily amount of your prescription at one time. In order to get continuous relief, it is recommended that your daily dose be divided into smaller separate doses that are taken periodically throughout the day. Please see the FAQ on "Self Titration" for more information on dosing.

What is Self Titration?

Medical Cannabis is the ULTIMATE in patient centered medicine, as it utilizes the "self-titration" method. This means that you (the patient) decide how much or little medicine you need. You may have been authorized for 3 grams/day - but you are not expected to start at 3 grams. The motto in Medical Cannabis is to "start low and go slow."  Our goal is to help you find the lowest,  most effective dose for your body. 

Self-Titration means that you gradually adjust the dosage of your medication after noting the effects different delivery methods (vaping, oil, topical) of a smaller/larger dose. By noting how your body feels when you take a specific dose, you will eventually find the "sweet spot" - meaning the perfect dose for you.

A MASSIVE advantage of medical cannabis (plant based medication) is that you are in the drivers seat and have control over when and how much medication you self-administer.

If you have never "self titrated" before, our nursing team is here to help!

QUESTIONS? Give us a call anytime: 877-278-1929.

What is the Difference Between a Doctor and Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners are health professionals regulated by their provincial/territorial College of Nurses. They are authorized to diagnose, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe medication and other treatments.

Doctors are medical professionals regulated by their provincial/territorialCollege of physicians and surgeons.

Will I Receive a Copy of my “Prescription” or Medical Document?

No. We have sent your medical document to your licensed producer. Your "license" to prove you are medically authorized to possess medical cannabis is on each bottle of your medical cannabis, just like on a prescription bottle. If you leave your house with your medicine, it should always be carried in the original bottle.

NOTE: The licence on your bottle has an expiration date. This means that it will become illegal to carry your cannabis following that date- unless you have a new medical document from your nurse practitioner.  To avoid gaps, please book your follow up consultation well before your license expiration date.

Is My Medication Covered?

For the general public: Medical Cannabis is covered by some insurance plans. Ask us for more information.

For Canadian Veterans and RCMP Officers: Medical cannabis is typically covered by insurance.

If you call your insurance provider and they say you’re covered, you can use the receipts from your licensed producer as a "medical expense" claim on your taxes.